About Us

We are proud of

our legacy we are building. how we do business  our legacy we are building.

Brands Consumer Group PCC is a Mauritian registered holding company, that own several distribution businesses in the South Central African Region. The financial and treasury functions are controlled from the administrative offices in Ebene, Mauritius.  Logistics and operational functions are managed from Johannesburg, South Africa.

We currently have nationwide distribution representing global, regional and local principals in five countries –  Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi, Namibia and Botswana.  BCG Supply Chain was established to provide logistics and consolidation support to the group companies in the SADC Region. We offer an ambient and temperature-controlled warehousing and distribution solutions through Brands Africa, Brands Fresh and Safari Distributors. The company has grown quickly is now building on their success by expanding to other African regions, and will service other distributors and FMCG companies.

Our vision is to build a Pan African market expansion business with leading brands and exceptional products, whose foundations are absolutely about doing business, where staff, principals, customers and consumers all believe there is lasting value in the relationship and the products.

There is a common culture of excellence across all of the group companies and ethos of dedication, hard work and fun! Our values are led by the example of our management team, and instilled in each and every one of our employees. We want our team to be behave consistently, with integrity and honesty. We believe its important to be considerate and act fairly – people want to do business with people who are nice to work with! Being considerate of people their needs, feelings and hopes. Last but not least we believe in building businesses that are a pleasure to work with, and to work in.

These are our values we work by…


Being considerate of people, their needs, feelings, and hopes.


Behaving consistently, with integrity and honesty.


Acting fairly in all that we do, without prejudice and without bias.


Having fun at work, and building a business that is a pleasure to work in.